Our mission

What sets Room To Talk apart?

Room To Talk is your safe space for therapy and transformation. We specialize in empowerment, accept insurance, embrace diversity, and provide snacks during sessions. Sounds like a welcoming place, right? Here’s what our clients say about us. . . .

My therapist and I, together, worked to help ‘the butterfly leave the cocoon.’ I did the work, and she helped guide me to freedom.

My counselor helped me rebuild my life after an emotionally and financially devastating divorce. Eighteen months later, I have the skills and strength to take care of myself, and I am enjoying life again.

I’m grateful to have worked with a counselor with extensive knowledge of trauma and PTSD. The work I’ve done here has been the most beneficial of my 20 years of therapy.

What are some ways that Room To Talk is different?

  • We believe that therapy should be a process of client empowerment.
  • Our team members have all been trained in the latest evidence-based practices; we chose to work together because of a shared interest in applying these techniques in culturally-sensitive ways.
  • We believe that no one can truly focus on their healing journey if they are hungry, thirsty, or uncomfortable, so we provide beverages and snacks to make your therapy hour relaxing.
  • We have expertise in issues that might be uncommon to find in a mainstream mental health facility.
  • Our psychotherapists come from multicultural backgrounds, and we embrace diversity. We have specialized training in working with women of all ages and abilities, single mothers, caregivers to aging parents, LGBTQI clients, and those from non-English speaking communities.
  • Our therapists do not take copious notes or type into a computer screen while you are talking. During your session, you can be assured that your therapist will give you her undivided attention.
  • We accept insurance. Please refer to our Insurance page.
  • As a rule, our therapists attend to any medical/insurance forms after you leave the room, unless, of course, you find participating in this aspect of your care useful or empowering.